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2 main types of housing - House/Bungalow & Flat/Maisonette

You can either buy or rent a home

Should give you a sense of belonging,relaxation and safety

Families with dependant young children = Safe home, well maintained - need safe space to play - e.g. garden, space for more children

Students - Cheap, usally rended from landlord who needs to make sure it is safe

Families with dependent older members - Warm and well insulate, draught free - easy access to social & health services

Single person households - Low maintinance costs, secure parking and access to public transport

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Nuclear family - mother, father, children

Extended family - mother, father, children and maybe grandparent(s) or aunty/uncle

Single Parent family - One parent with child(ren)

Reconstituted family - Child(ren) living with one parent and their new parent (step mum/dad)

Single sex family - A couple of the same sex living together with a child who is adopted

Multiperson Household - A group of people living together in one household

People are now choosing to have children in their early to mid 30's due to the fact that they want to have a good career sorted and spend their money on things like a house and car

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3 main constraints to leisure choices: facilities in the area, time and availble income to spend

The changing patterns of leisure in the UK today are dependant on the following factors:




Marriage or Cohabitation

Dependant Children






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