causes of homelessness

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  • Housing and homelessness;  Causes
    • Eviction; Being evicted by the landlord would result in the loss of the home. Could be evicted for rent arrears or selling of the property
    • Loss of employment; loosing your job or being made to redundant may mean that you lose your home. It could come with the job that you can not afford to live in the house you are currently buying/renting
    • Health problems; physical health or deteriorating mental may mean not being able to remain in their home.
    • Unable to be accommodated by parents, relatives or friends, due to lack of space or tension between family members.
    • Breakdown of relationship; divorce or separation may result in one partner being unable to live in the house.
    • Mortgage or rent appears; if you cannot afford to pay these payments then it could result in repossessed.
    • Moving ou from prison, hospital, or residential home and have no where to leave, or if you are returning from abroad and cannot afford to rent/buy a house.
    • Emergency such as fire or flooding ;long period of time to wait for house to be re-done meaning having to live is hostels or hotels.
    • Limited housing supplies; high demand for affordable housing which is hard to find.


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