HIV/AIDS in South Africa

HIV/AIDS and the impacts of it in S. Africa

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The Spread of HIV/AIDS and stats

first appeared in 1959 but properly established in 1979

by 1989 the ARVs were created and approved in America

by 1991 10 million were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS

In 2006 40million living wih HIV/AIDS 60% in Sub-sahara Africa and 20% in South and South East Asia

In 2006 killed 2.1 million

has reduced the life expectancy of people in South Africa by 15-20 years

leading cause of death in South Africa

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why the spread?

Lots of taboos on sex so it not talked about often therefore lack of sex ed as well as lack of education on hygiene

men often have out of marriage relationships as many work away from home- mobile population- mulitple partners=bigger spread

Older men initiate sex with younger girls

lack of condoms- hard and expensive to distribute- men also reluctant to use it

Also reluctancy to find out whether they have contracted AIDS because this can cause discrimination in the community. Often made outcasts and finding employment is hard

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Why are so many dieing?

Lack of ARVs at affordable prices- problems wih distribution too

Reluctancy= late on set of treatment which is much less effective

poverty=poor diet=lower immunity---lack of reistance to other illnesses (opportunistic infections) caused by HIV destroying the immune system

poor living conditions=vulnerable to TB which is often principle cause of death for HIV + people

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Why is it damaging to the economy?

strikes at the age of adult maturity---> also the age of potential productivity so work force is reduced.

less work force=less economy

Hits everybody therefore waste of investment of education and training

Many children end up on the street as there isn't the money for orphanages- younger children have to work and many are born with HIV/AIDS - also unable to go to school- less skilled workers and so lessens the work force and economy

cost of treatment and pallative care=Huge budget, more than that of their current Healthcare budget

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