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Health revision notes

Key words
Attack rate: the number of cases of a disease diagnosed in an area, divided by the population,
over the period of the epidemic.
Case-mortality rate: the number of people dying from a disease divided by the number of those
diagnosed as having the disease.

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sub-Saharan Africa whereas TB
is more evenly spread.
Communicable disease % 23% of deaths due to 55% of deaths due to
rate and explanation communicable diseases such communicable diseases
as HIV/AIDs, malaria, TB Widespread in LEDCs due to
Can be treated or prevented lack of finance and poor
with medicine,…

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physical and intellectual growth
and thus the adult population
Clean water and sanitation Clean water/sanitation taken Each year 1.8 million people die
for granted from diarrhoeal diseases
including cholera; 88% of these
are linked to unsafe water
supply/inadequate hygiene
(improved drinking water
supply and better sanitation
reduce this by one…

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There are variations between groups:
- well educated professionals have higher life expectancies than manual workers
- children born in Leeds' poorest areas can die 12 years earlier than those who live in more
affluent areas
- significant differences between different racial and ethnic groups
HIV/AIDS has lowered life expectancy,…

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This would suggest that GDP contributes towards HIV which can be explained through
education, access to contraception, gender equality and healthcare provision (which
affects blood transfusions and mother to child transmissions)

Health impacts:
Life expectancy has fallen 5 years since early 1990s in sub Saharan Africa
Patients with HIV/AIDS…

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- in Denmark, £1.5m has been funded to conduct human trials for a cure that has been
found to work in lab tests
2. Prolonging life through drugs:




your dadtalk uk/eu. this revision guide is amazing m9

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