Hitler's rise to dictator

An overview on the events that lead up to Hitler becoming Fuhrer.

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The Wall Street crash

How did the Wall Street crash gain the Nazi party support from the public?

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  • The Wall Street crash meant that the USA had to recall all of it's post war loans
  • Unfortunately for Germany their whole economy relied upon the borrowed money, sending them into an economic downfall
  • Because the country in a depression the Nazi party seemed like a real option to the public as they were willing to making real changes and give people jobs 
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The 1932 election

What was the result of the 1932 election, and who was he in power with?

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  • The result of the 1932 election was that the Nazi's won 37% of the German vote
  • Hitler Became the Chancellor on 30th January 1933, and Hindenberg was remained President
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Hitlers limated power?

What were Von Papens thoughts on Hitler becoming Chancellor?

Why was Hitler's power in the Reichstag limited and what did he do about it?

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  • Von Papem thought that he should be the Vice chanllelor so that he could control Hitler
  • Hitler had only two other members of the Nazi party in the cabinet so had almost no control so called a general election within his first 24 hours of being in charge in hope that he would gain more support.
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Reichstag Fire - 27th Feburary

What was the effect of the fire?

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  • The effect of the fire was that because it was thought to be a communist plot Hitler could arrest all the opposition party leaders and members
  • It was also used as a means of persuasion to get Hindenburg to sign the emergency decrees act giving them the power to persecute all opposition
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The General election

How fair was the election and why?

What was the result?

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The day of Potsdam- 21st March

Because of the violent nature of the election campaign, how did Hitler ease the minds of the army and the industrialists?

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  • Hitler reassured them that was not violent (which worked!) and gained their support, from this the Volksgemeinschaft was created.
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The Enabling act 23rd March

What was the act and under what circumstances did the Reich stag pass it?

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  • The act meant that Hitler no longer had to go through the Reichstag to pass new laws, so could just make them himself.
  •  At the Kroll opera house, where the vote took place there was a huge Nazi presence, with banners everywhere and a massive ** and SA presence who didn't allow the opposition in to vote and beat up people who spoke out against it.
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Trade unions

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The night of the long knifes

When and what was the night of the long knifes?

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  • It was the murder (under orders from Hitler) of 82 SA officals, including its leader Ernst Rohm, by the ** on 30th June 1934
  • The reason was that the SA had become too large, powerful and thugish. They also wanted to combine themselfes with the Army, and there was also a rummour that Rohm was plotting against Hitler.
  • The result was people were pleased that Hitler and ended what they saw as possable blood shed > therefore ended well for Hitler.
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Hindenburgs death

How did Hindenburg's death on August 2nd 1934 effect Germany?

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  • It meant that there was no longer anyone in Hitler's way
  • Hitler have himself the role of President and combined it with Chancellor to make the role of Fuhrer (supreme leader)
  • After this he made the army swear allegiance to him so he was in total power and he had his dictatorship 
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The formation of new parties

When was it made illegal to be part of or run any groups that weren't Nazi run?

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  • 14th July 1935
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