Growth of the Nazi party: Nazi party 1924-1929 The Lean Years Edexcel History GCSE 2A

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Key People


  • Adolf Hitler.
  • Joseph Goebbels, in charge of propaganda.
  • Heinrich Himmler, who ran the **.
  • Philip Bouhler, the secretary at Nazi HQ.
  • Franz Schwarz, the treasurer at Nazi HQ.
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Key Beliefs

  • Nationalism.
    • Breaking restrictions on Germany in the Treaty of Versailles.
    • Reviving the power of Germany.
    • Making Germany self-sufficient, not dependent on imports.
    • Expanding borders.
    • Purifying the German 'race'.
  • Socialim.
    • Controlling big businesses/
    • Runnng economy in national interest, e.g.: businesses would be run to help Germany flourish economically.
    • Agriculture and industry flourishing.
    • Making sure no businesses made unfair profits.
    • Jews could not control businesses.
    • Workers treated fairly.
  • Totalitarianism.
    • Nazis controlling every aspect of German life with traditional values.
    • Strong family values, with clear male/female roles.
    • Christian morality.
    • Old style German culture-traditional art, music and theatre.
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Main Events

  • Relaunched 27 February 1925.
  • In 1925, Hitler set up a new party security group; the Schutztaffel- **.
  • In 1929, the Nazis were well organised; 100,000 members and Hitler was a national figure.
  • In the general elections May 1928, the Nazis only won 12 seats.
  • They were the 8th biggest Reichstag party.
  • They polled only 810,000 vote; 2.6% of the national vote.
  • By the 1930s, Hitler's speeches were reported in 120 daily/weekly Nazi newspapers.
  • The SA had 100,000 membership by 1930.
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  • Working classes, who blamed the Jews for taking their jobs.
  • Middle Classes, who didn't like the communists.
  • Big businesses.
  • However, the German economy was stabilising due to Stresemann's policies, and people were putting more faith into the Weimar Government and did not see the need for the Nazis to take over. This is why it was called the lean years.
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Claiming Those A*s



Claiming Those A*s


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