Growth of the Nazi Party: Munich Putsch 1923 GCSE Edexcel History 2A


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  • Hyperinflation made Germany miserable; occupation of the Ruhr angered them.
  • Nazi membership grew to about 55, 000-mainly people from around Munich and the capital of bavaria in South Germany- Hitler's chance for national impact.
  • Hitler sensed that Stresemann would get on top of all problems, so needed to act before unrest died back down.
  • Also, Stresemann's government were starting to crack down on extremusts; the army had recently put down a left wing revolt in Saxony and Hitler could see right-wings coming next. 
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  • In the evening of 8 Novembr 1923 in a meeting of 3000 government officials  from Bavaria, in a beer hall called the Burgerbrau Keller, in Munich, with Kahr (leader of Bavarian government), Seisser (head of Seisser police) and Lossow (head of Bavarian army) as main speakers.
  • Hitler burst in with 600 SA troops, brandishing a gun and then announced that he was taking over the government of Bavaria. He was helped by von Ludendorff (a war hero- Eric von Ludendorff).
  • Stormtroopers started taking over official buildings with 3000 supporters.
  • Hitler said that, after Munich, the German government was next; Kahr, von Seisser and Lossow were taken into a side room and agreed to support the uprising.
  • Hitler, his key supporterts and shock troopers marched to the town centre to declare himself president of Germany.
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  • Hitler was arrested, and the law stated that Hitler should be jailed for life, but he only got 5 years in prison, and even then he only served 9 months because he made a speech in court which impressed the judge, although other people put on trial were judged not guilty.
  • Storm troopers were rounded up by the police and Hitler's supporters were arrested.
  • Fail?:
    • He was stopped buy the police.
    • He was put in prison.
    • Some Nazis were killed.
  • Success?:
    • Publicity in media.
    • Mein Kampf written.
    • Short sentence for Hitler.
    • More supporters.
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