GCSE History Edexcel -Nazi germany

some brief notes on Nazi Germany for the Edexcel course

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Date Event
April Nationwide boycott of Jewish shops and businesses. SA men stop people going in shops.
May Books by Jewish Authors destroyed in huge public book burnings
October Jews banned from being journalists
May Jewish students banned from taking dentistry, medicine and the law
May Jews banned from the German armed forces
September The Nuremburg Laws make marriages between Jews and Germans Illegal.
Jews have their German Citizenship taken away.
March Jews forbidden from running a pharmacy
April Jews forbidden from being vets
July Jews issued with separate identity cards
July Jewish doctors allowed to treat other Jews only
November Kristallnacht ­ Jews and their homes and property attacked all over Germany. Synagogues and
businesses are wrecked.
November Jews children were expelled from school
December Jews were banned from owing businesses
April Jews evicted from their homes and forced into Jewish accommodation
September Jews forbidden from owning radio sets

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General elections were held
2) Everyone can vote for the party they like best
3) Everyone votes in secret (no one knows how you vote, so no one can put pressure on you ­
this is called a `free' election)
4) There are plenty of different parties to choose from.…read more

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The Wall Street crash (October 1929)
The USA has massive financial problems
when shares on the New York Stock
exchange crash in value.
This causes problems in US banks start to recall
many countries. People lack their loans. This hits
confidence to invest in Germany really hard.
businesses and there is a German businesses are
decline in world trade. very dependent on US
Demand for German
German goods Firms go
Drops Bankrupt
Many germans are
forced to live in
rises. Millions
poverty.…read more

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It began as the GERMAN WORKERS PARTY. It was founded in Munich by Anton Drexler.
2) Hitler worked for the Germany Army. He first visited the party to spy on its activities.
3) Hitler joined the German Workers Party in September 1919 and member number 555.
4) Hitler was an excellent speaker. Drexler made him responsible for party propaganda.
5) In February 1920 Hitler and Drexler put forward the party's 25 point programme.…read more


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