Growing alliance with Nazi Germany


Rome-Berlin axis November 1936

  • Friendship agreement between Hitler and Mussolini
  • Mussolini angry at British (bad press) and French (left wing govt)
  • Agreed on each other's foreign policies
  • Both supported Spanish Civil War
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Anti Comintern Pact November 1937

  • Joined Germany and Japan: all against Communism
  • Emphasised their common front
  • December 1937: Italy withdraws from League of Nations
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Munich Conference September 1938

  • Seen as a diplomat: discussions with Britain and France.
  • Carried out deals agreed earlier with Hitler
  • Was becoming the junior partner in German alliance
  • Kept good relations with Britain, France, and Germany.
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Invasion of Albania April 1939

  • Italy invaded Albania
  • Italy realising its destiny: taking over weaker and inferior states
  • Made him unpopular with French and British
  • They signed pacts with Greece and Turkey protecting them. Mussolini saw this as a threat to him.
  • Increasingly reliant on Hitler's friendship
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Pact of Steel May 1939

  • Italy tied into a war with Germany: if Germany became involved in a war, Italy must join them
  • Well and truly on Germany's side.
  • Mussolini did not realise the full impact of signing this pact. Still angry at France and Britain for protecting Greece and Turkey.
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