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Resistance and conformity in Nazi Germany

Political Resistance

Neither group had much success attracting working class members after summer 1933 as the Nazis
had reduced unemployment and workers associated with the illegality of alternate parties risked the
lives of themselves and their families.


In January 1933 the SPD was…

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conditions, low wages or discontent over food prices. Ringleaders were arrested and
imprisoned, and many strikers put in jail.
Another way of showing discontent was absenteeism- which was often in response to the
very long working hours. The regime was concerned about this and in 1938 the penalty give

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The Hitler Youth channelled the energies and rebelliousness of youth into officially approved
However by mid 1930s there were signs of growing disillusionment with the adolescence
movements. This was maybe as membership was made compulsory in 1936 and also the
growing regimentation and strictness of activities -it was a…


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