Grace Jeff Buckley GCSE Edexcel

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1) What was rock/pop music like in the 1990s?
2) What was the importance of producers?
3) What is 'soundscape'?

4) When was the album released?
5) Who was Gary Lucas?

6) What was the time signature?
7) What was the tempo?
8) What was the tonality?

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1) Music was mainly rock bands that were guitar lead and played live.
2) Producers became more important in the 1990s as the were advisers and guided artists in certain genres.
3) Soundscape were the timbres and effects made my guitar,
    rhythms were not as important

4) 1994
5) The producer and guitarist on the track
    - Was influencial to Buckley as he concentrated on soundscape

6) Time signature is 12/8 (compound quadruple time)
    - This is unusual because most rock songs in the 90s were 4/4
    - This meant the song had many cross rhythms
7) 64 dotted crotchets
8) In the introduction it is tonal ambiguity but from the first verse it is in Em
    (we know this because of the F# in the key sig.) or 'modal on E'

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9) Describe the structure

10) What instruments are used?
11) What is different about the guitar?

12) What did Jeff Buckley do to acheive perfection?

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9) Intro -  a) pizz. on guitar (put-on), Fm Gm Em
               b) full texture, D/A7
    Verse 1 - Em toms used on drums for melow timbre
    Pre-Chorus - Bar 14
    Chorus - F/ Em/ Eb
    Link A/B - same as intro
    Verse 2 - added strings, thicker texture
    Mid 8 - multitrack harmonies, chords with voice, polyphonic, falsetto
    Link A/B - same as intro
    Verse 3 (bar 67) - more symbals, vocals intense
    Outro - Use of flanger (studio effect, swirling)

10) Voice, 2 Guitars, Bass and Drums
11) Drop D tuning

12) rerecorded 19 times, continuously added multitracks

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13) Describe what guitar effects were used?

14) What vocal effects were used?

15) What are the effects applied to the music?

16) Describe the dynamics of this peice

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13) pizzicato - *********, put-ons
      sliding 'glissando'

14) Falsetto (mid 8), sliding his voice,
      Using his voice as an instrument - vocalisation

15) Flanger (swirling sound), 'telephone' EQ affect and delay

16) There are no marked dynamics, only greater texture in some places (more instruments) which gives a louder sound

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