Revision notes for Edexcel GCSE music set works: Jeff Buckley



Jeff Buckley: Grace


Popular music

-          Variety of genres

-          Syncopation

-          Modes

-          Simple structures

-          Riffs

-          Chords I, IV and V

-          Electronic instruments and amplification

-          Multitracking, EQ, vocal doubling, effects

-          Drums and percussion providing strong rhythm

-          Commercialism



-          Released in 1994

-          Main musicians are- drums, bass, guitar, guitar and vocals

-          Voice is multitracked

-          Influenced by Qawwali chanting

-          Structure is Verse-Chorus-Verse

-          No two repeated sections are exactly the same

-          The climax is in the final verse

-          Guitars are tuned to drop D

-          Time signature is 12/8

-          Key is centred on E minor


Intro part A

-          Rippling guitar, with chorus or phase added

-          Second guitar playing a chord, uses the volume control to fade in the sound (whispering)

-          The opening chords are F minor and G minor, which creates a


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