Music GCSE - Buckley: 'Grace' from the album Grace

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Buckley: Grace


            Jeff Buckley’s musical influences are reggae, punk, hair metal, qawwale, rock and influences from his dad.

            This piece of music was written in 1992 and the album was published in 1994.

            The piece starts with an intro A and B followed by the first verse, then pre chorus 1 and chorus 1. Then there is the second verse, pre chorus 2, chorus 2 and then a middle 8 AB, link AB verse 3 and then an outro.

            In this piece there are drums, an electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, synthesiser and strings have sound effects such as sequence used, in the vocals Jeff Buckley sings the melody line with backing singers accompanying him. The vocals have a very large range and Jeff reaches a soprano top G in the outro. Effects such as EQ, modulation, distortion, flanging and overdubbing


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