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Miles Davis - All Blues

Structure and Texture:
- 12 bar blues.
- Intro, Head (muted trumpet), solo's, Head, Outro
- simple texture.

Tempo and Metre:
- 'jazz waltz' (moderate pace)
- in 6/4

Instrumentation: (middle and low registers)
- Trumpet , Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Piano, Double Bass, Drum kit.
- All solo sections are improvised,  
- Solo's are trumpet, alto, tenor, piano. 
- Head (12-bar blues) played by muted trumpet.

Techniques Used:
- Ghost notes (notes that are hinted at, rather than actually played) the sound.
- improvisition
- Sax riffs.  and double bass riff. 

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Miles Davis - All Blues

- All blues was recorded in one take
- fancier than the traditional 12-bar blues chords.
- 1(7) , 1(7), 1(7), 1(7),
1V(7), 1V(7), 1(7), 1(7). 
V(7#9), V1(b7#9) V(7#9), 1(7), 1(7) 

Extra Notes:
- Head (theme) played by muted trumpet, 32 bars. playes the 12-bar theme,
- piano plays chords or tremolo chords.
- double bass plays riff a
- saxes and piano play riff b
- trumpet introduces riff c in the outro.

Riff - a modern word for an ostinato, a repeated pattern. it can be in the melody, rythm or chord pattern. 

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Jeff Buckley - Grace

- Typical verse chorus structure
- guitar solo near the end
- has an intro and outro

- its in steady 12/8 

- Falsetto (higher than normal male range)
- Vibratto, (scoops up to the notes) - also called portamento.
- screaming climax of vocals.

Instrumentation/ Techniques:
-  2 electric guitars, synthesiser, drums
- Flanger - to make the guitar have a swirley sound.
- EQ and DELAY are used (electronic effects)

- Unusual chord progressions, mainly in E MINOR. 

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Jeff Buckley - Grace

- instruments layer up,
- dynamics increase untill full rock band is playing
- guitar plays running semiquavers 

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Moby - Why does my heart feel so bad?

Structure and Texture:
- divided into 8-bar sections
- 1 bar bridge
- standard verse-chorus structure
- texture builds up as the instruments are added each section.

- vocal samples are in AMINOR 

- effects used: EQ, Delay
- Looping (vocal samples have been repeated)
- synthesised strings, sub bass  (very low frequency and loud)
- vocal samples havent been altered. any background noise is left in.
- pedal point in 1-bar bridge (LOW LONG NOTE)

1st Chorus = AMINOR , CMAJOR
Chorus on loop = FMAJOR, CMAJOR 

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