Grace by Jeff Buckley GCSE music

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PIECE: Jeff Buckley ­ `Grace' from the album GRACE
GENERAL Album released in 1994.
Recorded in USA
Buckley born in California, USA and died in 1997.
Lyrics about girl leaving boyfriend at an airport or death!
TONALITY (KEY) Changes from Major to Modal via a sustained chord.
Unclear at start but D major by end of Intro.
Verse/Chorus ­ modal.
Pre chorus ­ E minor.
HARMONY Link ­ Fm Gm Em A/D G5/D
(CHORDS) Verse ­ Em Em/Eb5 Em/F5
Pre Chorus ­ Em F#dim G6 A6 Bm
Mostly Minor chords with Major using added notes (5 and 6) plus one Diminished.
Power chords in Verse.
Pedal note in Intro.
Guitar (electric and acoustic) various guitar effects ­ flanger etc
Vocals (Jeff Buckley) ­ multi tracks his voice (Pre Chorus) Wide pitch range.
Uses scoops/slides and vibrato and falsetto (higher than normal male range)
Strings - slide and trill in verse 2. Pizzicato(plucked) in Pre Chorus 2)
Overdubs used- multi tracking
Reverb and Delay used.
Sound effects ­ telephone EQ applied to vocals
TEXTURE Homophonic ­ melody and chords.
Polyphonic in Middle 8 ­ multi tracked vocal parts in counterpoint.
Instruments drop out or get added from time to time to get a change of texture
e.g. strings added in Middle 8.
Guitar `whisper' added for effect in quiet sections.
MELODY (tune) 4 main Guitar riffs.
Large pitch range of vocalist ­ falsetto used.
DYNAMICS Guitar `whisper' added for effect in quiet sections.
(LOUDS AND Dynamics increase when more instruments/parts brought in.
SOFTS etc) Starts quiet and builds throughout piece.
TEMPO (SPEED) 12/8 time signature.
64 dotted crotchet beats per minute.
STRUCTURE Four large sections
1.Intro ­ verse 1 ­ Pre chorus ­ Chorus (Full band ­ no vocals)
2.Link (same as Intro) ­ Verse 2 ­ Pre Chorus ­ Chorus
3. Middle 8/Bridge­ (Vocals wordless melody and hummed harmonies.)
4. Link ­ Verse3 (more special effects added) ­ Outro (Verse chords) ­ improvised


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