GCSE Religious Studies Unit 3. (EDEXEL)

unit 3 of rs from edexel for yr 11


KEY WORDS! unit 3.1 - Believing in god.

Numinous - the feeling of the presence of something greater than self.

Conversion - i significant change in belief or religion

Miracle - an unlikeley or impossible event which may be attributed to God.

prayer - an attempt to communicate with god, usually through words.

Design - when an object has been constructed in order to fit a certain purpose.

Causation - the idea that all thingsare caused by something else

Agnostic - Being undecided about whether God exists

Atheism - believeing that god doesnt exist

moral/natural evil - things that are done by people/nature.

Omnipotent - the belief tha god is all powerful

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KEY WORDS unit 3.1 (part 2)

Omni-Benevolent - the belief that god is all good

Omnicent - the belief that god is all knowing

Free will - the idea that human beings are free to make thier own choices.

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KEY WORDS unit 3.2 - Matters of life and death

Ressurection - the belief that somebody will be restored after death

Immortality of the soul - the belief that the soul lives on after the death of the body

Near death experience -  a spiritual experience that occurs whilst a person is close to death

quality of life - the concept of assessing the quality of a persons life

paranormal - unexplainable things which seem to have a spriitual cause

sanctity of life - the belief that all life is sacred, and given by god

abortion the removal of a foetus from the womb with the intention of terminating the pregnancy

euthanasia - the premature ending of a persons life, through an intentional act by a doctor.

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KEY WORDS unit 3.2 (part 2)

assissted suicide - providing a terminally ill person  means to commit suicide.

volentary euthanasia - when a terminally ill person requests euthanasia

non-volentary euthanasia - euthanasia in the case of someone who is unable to request it for themselfs. eg, someone in a coma.

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KEY WORDS unit 3.4 - religion and community cohesi

equality - the state of everyone having equal rights regadless of who they are

community cohesion - the concept of a community where all people co-exist peacefully

discrimination - putting prejustice into practise and treating people less favourablly because of thier race/gender/class or any other characteristics

sexism - discriminating against people of the opposite sex

mulit-ethnic society - many different races living together in racial harmony

prejudice - the belief that some people are inferiour or superiour simply based on who they are

racism -  the belief that some races are better then others

religious freedom - the right to practise your chosen religion and chagne your religion

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KEY WORDS unit 3.4 (part 2)

Religious Pluralism - accepting all religions having an equal right to co-exist

ethnic minority - an ethnic group who arnt part of the majority ethnic group within a comminity.

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