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Northern Ireland ~ 1963 ­ 1972
Examination board ~ CCEA
Year ~ 2011/12…read more

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A new premier…read more

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Terence O'Neill replaced the hard-line Lord Brookeborough as Prime
investment to update
industries & attract
new ones
University in
New city ~ Craigavon
Co-operation with Economic council ~
Dublin Brian Faulkner
Road & rail network Ministry of
modernised development set up…read more

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O'Neill's economic policies:
Success Failure
A number of multi-national firms Between 1963 & 1969 money had to be
(Goodyear, ICI) opened factories given to Harland and Wolff to keep it
Motorway system began Unemployment averaged between 7 &
Oil refinery opened in belfast Several companies refused government
grants to open factories to the west of
the bann as the area was too remote for
their export markets
New airport under development
An agreement regarding the supply of
electricity with Dublin was agreed…read more

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Political Policies: Offering official
condolences on the
death of Pope John
Improving Increasing the
Visiting Cardinal relations with financial support
William Conway northern provided for Catholic
hospitals and schools
Visiting schools &
hospitals run by the
Catholic Church…read more

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January 1965~ O'Neill
met with Taoiseach
Sean Lemass @
1967~ O'Neill met
Improving Meetings focused on
areas of economic co-
with Lemass' relations with operation; tourism &
successor, Jack Lynch
dublin electrical link-ups
Paid a return visit to
dublin 4 weeks after
Lemass' visit…read more

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