GCSE Geography Desicion Making Exam Terms

London 2012

These are some useful terms and key words for the 2012 DME Paper. This is based on theon the London 2012 Olympics.

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Affordable Housing

As a general term it means housing that can be afforded by people on low incomes but it also has a more specific use in houses provided by Housing associations and local councils where the rent is below the market value (i.e.cheap enough to afford in areas like London where rent is very high). It is subsidised by the council and tax payer.

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Brownfield Site

A piece of land that has been used and abandoned and is now awaiting some new use.

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Vegetation and Fauna

Plants and Animals

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The presence of chemicals, noise, dirt or other substances which have harmful or poisonous effects on the enviroment.

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Ethnic Minorities

Groups of people from ethnic/racial groups that make up small percentages of the total population (e.g. Russians in Norwich: 0.01%).

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Enviromentally Friendly Materials

Such as wood from sustainble forests and carbon neutral manufacturing processes.

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Land on which houses or factories have been demolished.

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Has traffic infrastructure to many other locations.

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Traffic jams!

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Multible Deprevation Index

Deprivation means deprived - which means lack of access to something. In the UK we use a number of factors - these include income, edcation levels, job type, health, housing, crime and the quality of the enviroment to judge deprivation.

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Growth in areas which have experienced decline in the past.

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Ethnically Diverse

Range of different ethnic/racial groups.

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Areas are deprived when there is a damaging lack of basic nessesities - employment, housing etc.

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Money that many people recieve from the government such as housing benefit, job seekers allowance and disability living allowance.

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The industrial process of making things (Secondary sector of employment).

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Densely Populated

A large number of people within a defined area (usually a square km) - densely packed.

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Sustainable Development

Development that meets the neeed of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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Changing/Improving things.

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High-rise blocks

Tall flats - ten floors or more!

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Usually live in caravans, travelling from sitet to site, or in some cases living on council granted sites.

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Where resouces are pulled for the good of the group - e.g. sharing washing machines, maintenence costs etc.

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Housing Association

A 'not for profit' charity that seeks to house the more deprived/poorest in society. Took over council housing from most councils in the 1980s.

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Tube Station

An underground railway station!

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Money you get from someone or an organisation to offset the disadvantages of something (like being forced to move house).

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The land is polluted with chemicals that are usually difficult to get rid of -e.g. lead, mecury and cadmium from old industrial processes.

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A measure of how much land is needed to provide a place (e.g. a city) with all the energy, water and materials it needs, including how much is needed to absorb pollution and waste.

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Enviromentally friendly - putting enviromentally sustainable principles first.

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Combined cooling and heating power

A power plant that resuses heat made during the production of electricity. Can be used for central heating etc. rather than being wasted.

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Knowledge economy

Type of tertiary/quaternary jobs dealing with information - often high tech, often research.

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Silicon Valley

The real silicon valley is in California, but here it means creating an area of high tech knowledge economy companies and jobs.

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Hospitality Industry

A type of tertiary industry such as: hotels, conference venues and entertaining sponsors.

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A large project designed to encourage the growth of other similar projects.

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Carbon Neutral

An industrial process that generates no extra CO2 into the enviroment. This can be because the processes which they use are really enviromentally friendly or they offset CO2 produced by planting trees.

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