GCSE Food Technology - Key Terms!

These cards contain various key word you'll need to know for your GCSE Food Technology exam!

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A mixture of two substances, one of which is divided finely throughout the other

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Turn to caramel - when a brown liquid which sugar becomes at the point where all the water has been driven off and the sugar starts to burn

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Simply combining air into a mixture.

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Emulsifying Agent

A substance which helps two liquids stay mixed together. For example, oil and water.

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When something thickens from a liquid to a solid. For example, eggs appear transparent and runny but when they're heated they become firm and white.

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A method used to help foods last longer. For example canning, freezing, chilling. Fats, sugars and oils can also be used.

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The process of making meat tender (soft) so it is easy enough to eat.

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The process in which you bind substances together to make a mixture thicker. Often with the use of eggs and heat.

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A natural or synthetic substance added to a food product for a specific purpose. For example, to improve the taste, appearance or texture of the food.

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Balanced Diet

A diet which included adequate amounts of the right nutrients and energy

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Quick freezing  - small ice crystals form on the food, it causes less damage to it than slow freezing. 

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Computer Aided Manufacture - The use of computers to control all the processes done in the manufacture of a food product.

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A method of food preparation in which the food is cooked and then rapidly chilled and stored below 5 degrees celcius and therefore increasing the shelf life and quality of the food for a longer period of time.

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Critical Control Point - when a food safety hazard can be prevented/reduced to an acceptable level.

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Danger Zone

The temperature range (5-63) in which bacteria are most likely to grow.

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Eatwell Plate

A healthy eating diagram which aims to encourage people to eat correct proportions of food in order to achieve or maintain a balanced diet.

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A substance which stops two liquids from separating

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A mixture of two liquids

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Coating and surronding a product with another ingredient

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Heated starch granules which absorb liquid and swell, and burst in order to thicken a liquid.

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A substance added to foods which will extend the shelf life of a product.

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Quality Control/Quality Control Check

Steps taken at various stages in food production to ensure that an high quality and consistent outcome is achieved.

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