GCSE RS - BiG - Religious Upbringing

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Main Features of Christian Upbringing

Christian parents:

  • Have children baptisted - promise to raise children to believe in God + be good Christians
  • Teach to believe in God
  • Teach to pray to God
  • Teach to worship God in Church + go to Sunday School
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How a religious upbringing may lead to, or support

NATURAL to worship God:

  • Parents tell children about God so will believe
  • God exists because they're not praying to nothing
  • Lots of people worship in Church - Believe God exists
  • Taught about God's existence so teachers in Sunday School are right
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Argument from design and belief in God

Design - Makes plan to produce something

Religious Believers developed ARGUMENT FROM DESIGN:

  • Anything designed needs designer
  • Evidence of designs e.g. DNA, GRAVITY
  • Only possible designer for UNIVERSE is God

Supports belief in God and may lead others to believe in God

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Argument from causation and belief in God

Causation - process of one thing causing another

Driver pressing brake to stop


  • Cause and effect - Basic feature of world
  • Universe, world, humans must have had a cause
  • God is logical cause of universe - God exists
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Response to the problem of EVIL and SUFFERING (1)


Bible - God wants Christians to follow example of Jesus

e.g. Healing sick, Feeding hungry - So Christians become nurses/doctors/social workers

Reduce amout of suffering in world


Given free will - God created world with E+S through humans misusing FREEWILL

E+S caused by humans, not God

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Response to the problem of EVIL and SUFFERING (2)


Life is a preparation for paradise - if people improve souls to become GOOD, KIND + LOVING

God gave E+S as a chance to become good people

In the end, God will show OMNI-BENEVOLENCE + OMNIPOTENCEby rewarding good in heaven


Some Christians believe God not using powers to remove evil and suffering

Humans cannot understand - God is divine+ no human can understand his thoughts

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