Future of tourism-2023 case study

a case study illistrating the possible future of tourism

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Boom and Burst

  • booming UK economy, high disposible incomes allow people to travel further
  • advances in technology increased efficiency of planes
  • UK's older population can travel more and have spare time and money. people go on medical holidays to Costa Rica
  • UK destinations suffer from overcrowding
  • Realistic but will take longer than 10 years to develop
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price and privilege

  • increasing oil prices make travel more expensive- travel industry badly hit- loss of jobs- flying too expensive
  • most people can't afford holidays abroad
  • overland travel acorss europe become more popular
  • realistic- prces rising and holidays becoming more expensive
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divided disquiet

  • travelling abroad becomes less popular due to climate change, scare resources, violent wars
  • tourism becomes adventure activity only for the very brave due to increasing natural hazards
  • doomsday tourism attracts visitors to see disapearing attractions
  • unrealistic- these situations will impact tourism but not so dramatically and not in 10 years time
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carbon clampdown

  • government introduce trade quotas to tackle climate change. public clamoed for tought action as environmental impacts are increasingly felt
  • tourists are increasingly aware of their impact and seek ethical experiences that are within their carbon change
  • unrealistic- may happen in future but will take longer than 10 years to develop
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