Frankenstein AO3 Critical Quotations

A03 Frankenstein - Mary Shelley

Critical Quotations

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Sylvia Hadjetian

"She (Elizabeth) dies in appreciation of her obedience."

"Her (Justine) name alludes to "justice" but her trial is a symbol of "the injustice treatment of women" at that time; she shows no protest because she has no alternatives."

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Jerome A. Winter

"...the story of Dr. Frankenstein's creation-who, incidentally, is never named but only referred to as "the creature" (once as "the fiend")- is a cautionary tale about masculine arrogance and ambition."

"Dr. Frankenstein upset God's natural order by thinking that he could create life through the 19th century's version of the principle of life: electricity."

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Karl Figlio

"Frankenstein sought omnipotently to master two anxieties. First, there is the anxiety arising from concocting or fabricating what would normally be born from nature, symbolized in being born from two parents together."

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Elsie Browning Michie

"Shelley carefully chronicles the experience of the making of the monster not as an act of creation but as a process of production during which the producer inevitably becomes alienated from what he has made."

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