How to write an A grade answer in English Literature

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Remember the Learning Objectives

AO1 - Well structured Essay writing

  • Use of appropriate critical vocabulary and technically fluent style/well structured and coherent argument
  • Always relevant with very sharp focus on task and confidently ranging around texts

AO2 - Language, Structure and Form

  • Exploration and analysis of key features of form and structure with perceptive evaluation of how they shape meanings
  • Exploration and analysis of key aspects of language with perceptive evaluation of how they shape meanings

A03 - Different Interpretations of the Text

  • Detailed and perceptive understanding of issues raised in connecting texts
  • Perceptive consideration of different interpretations of texts with sharp evaluation of their strengths and weakness and with excellent selection of supportive references

A04 - Context or History that could of influenced the Text

  • Excellent understanding of ways of contextualising
  • Excellent understanding of a range of other contextual factors with specific, detailed links between context/text/task

How do you write an A/A* Grade answer in your English Lit Exam?

  • Zoom in on specific details
  • Zoom out to discuss the entire text
  • Evaluate your variety of analysis (which is more significant, accurate, etc.)
  • Debate: discuss a variety of interpretations
  • Be fluent in the terminology
  • Stay focused on the question (keep referring back to it)
  • Don’t make general comments; be specific!!
  • Give specific examples, when discussing context.
  • Link to the…


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