Assessment Objectives

Assessment objectives needed in coursework and in the exam; though depending on the type of work e.g. drama comparative essay, the grading on each objective changes.

Any questions? please leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP.

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Assessment Objectives ­ English Literature
AO1: Articulate creative, informed and
relevant responses to literary texts
using appropriate terminology and
concepts, and coherent, accurate
written expression. ­ How you write...
AO2: Demonstrate detailed critical
understanding in analysing the ways in
which structure, form and language
shape meaning in literary texts. ­
AO3: Explore connections and
comparisons between different literary
texts informed by interpretations of
other readers. ­ Consistent comparison &
alternate interpretations...
AO4: Demonstrate understanding of
the significance and influence of the
contexts in which literary texts are
written and received. ­ Context, anything that
could influence the writing or the reading of the text...

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