Frankenstein Exam Quotes

Quotes for AO2, 3 and 4 to use in the exam.

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Frankenstein Quotes.
"Gothic literature also lent itself to those who wished to warn society against the
effects of breaking with the natural order" - Robert Kidd, `Transgressing the
Boundaries', Emagazine.
"In the 1790's the government sat down hard upon any ideas of greater
freedoms or reforms." ­ The historical and literary context.
"At the time Shelley was writing, the term `scientist' had not been coined." ­
English Review, Sept 2009.
"Indeed we could argue Frankenstein is critical of the Gothic, saying to its
readers: there is plenty to be frightened of in the real world- there is no need for
ghosts and spirits." The historical and literary context.
"Temptation and transgression are the central motifs of the Gothic" ­ Robert
Kidd, `Transgressing the Boundaries', Emagazine.
"The Hero and his antagonist are one." George Levine ­ Frankenstein and the tradition of
"Frankenstein is a claustrophobic novel. It presents us not with the landscape of the world
but of a single mind." George Levine ­ Frankenstein and the tradition of realism.
"An air of reality attached to it" ­ Walter Scott.
"The way the monster is constructed seems in fact to bear an uncanny resemblance
to the way that a monster is formed." ­ Literature, Criticism & Theory, 3rd ed,
Bennett and Royle.
"Frankenstein pushes the Romantic model of the solitary, creative imagination to its
extreme and illustrates its dangerous and destructive propensities" ­ Hindle 1985:98
"Begone, vile insect!"
"Cursed, cursed creator! Why did I live?"
"William dear angel! This is thy funeral, this is thy dirge!" ­ Frankenstein about the storm
over the mountains.
"My more than sister, till death she was to be mine only"
"Beware I am fearless and therefore powerful"



Could be improved by adding just some generic quotes in ('dangerous is the acquirement of knowledge') because they make really good introductions and conclusions- otherwise it's really good, like how you categorized them in terms of assessment objectives :) 

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