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looking into the context essay that are part of the English Lit exam

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Effective Techniques for Essays

-strong + relevant link to wider reading

-memorised quotations from wider reading

-extends your analysis of wider reading (not a token sentence)

-sophisticated writing style; fluent + clear expression

-every paragraph has a clear focus

-it has been planned well

-well structured paragraphs

-embedded quotations

-refers to context

-confident tone and overview of Victorian Lit + context

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Topics for context questions

* gender

* class (esp. working class)

* science + religion

* industrialisation

* empire

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Breakdown of Marks

AO1- 3

AO2- 12

AO3- 3

AO4- 27

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Wider Reading 1


- A Woman of No Importance

- Mrs Warren's Profession

- Lady From the Sea

- We Three Sisters

- The Importance of being Ernest

- Pygmalion

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Wider Reading 2


- A Summer Night by Matthew Arnold

-Charge of the LIght Bridade

- My Last Duchess in Anthology

- The Labrotory in Anthology

- Anything by Robert Browning

- The Lady of Shalott

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Wider Reading 3


- Hard Times

- The Yellow Wallpaper

- Boule de Suif

- The Secret Garden

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