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  • Frankenstein - Critics (AO3)
    • William Godwin
      • Mary Shelley's father
      • Shelley was influenced by his philosophy about society
      • "the government is a monsterous edifice" - quote from his book "Political Injustice"
      • Justine exemplifies society's brutality - "Dies at the hands of society's corruption
    • Freud's theory of "Narcissism"
      • Greek mythology of someone who fell in love with his own image
    • Roussean theory - Jean Jaque Rousso
      • "everything is good as it leaves the hand of the author; everything degenerates in the hands of man"
        • Victor rejects the monster, horror from villagers, fear from people, rejection from DeLacey's = MURDERER
          • Experience = Humans are unkind and lack compassion
    • Freudian theory
      • Phenomenon of repression to explain what happens to ideas that are repressed
      • "I found myself in a constant love for my mother, and a jealousy of my father. I now consider this to be an universal event in childhood" - Freud
    • Lockean theory - Tabula Rasa
      • Theory that individuals are born without a built in mental content and their knowledge comes from experience and perception
      • The nurture side of the nature versus nurture debate shapes us most when it comes to aspects of one's personality, social and emotional behaviour and intelligence


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