Flooding in a rich area

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Fact flies.

·      16th august of 2004 hit at mid day

·      Small Corsih coastal village

·      Flash floods

·      At the events population  around 2000

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·      Heavy thunder storm heavy rain hurricanes Alex 1422 million liter of rain fell

·      Saturated soil impermeable rock steep valley sides

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·       Early flood erode soil tree bridges washed away

·      Infrstuter damaged  effected power water telephones

·      People trapped waiting recuse.

·      Raw sewage contamination

·      Loss property jobs income

·      larger insurance claims.

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short treem Reponses

short treem response rescuing  poopople of the roof by 7 helicopter 

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long treem Reponses

·      trash screen have be installed at larger to collecting debris  

·      Boscastle  have developed into a triouset articon  with thousands of people visiting each year

·      river channel have be lowed by 0.5 of meter near the lower bridges

·      river Jordan culvert  has been completed increased

·      refroiced earth banks and flood walls have been built next car park

·      Infrstuter  was restored.

·      15850 tone of debris cleared.


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