GCSE Geography - Water On The Land Casestudies

heyy, this document includes flooding case studies (rich and poor) and also a UK Reservoir cast study, these are just a few notes, hopefully in the exam they will be expanded :) please comment and rate :)

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Flooding Rich Flooding Poor UK Reservoir
Carlisle, England Bangladesh and India (South Rutland Water ­ East
8th Jan 05 Asia) Midlands
River Eden July and August 3007 Covers 12 kilometre square
Rivers ­ Brahmaputa and area, filled with water from
Ganges two rivers
Causes Causes Economic
Heavy rainfall ­ 200mm Heavy rainfall ­ 900mm Boosts local economy
of rain fell in 36 hours of rain fell in July Popular tourist
Large urban area ­ Melting snow from attraction
impermeable materials glaciers (Himalayas) Some farmers lost
Discharge of River Peak discharge of both livelihoods, due to 6
Eden to reach 1520 rivers kilometre square of land
cumecs flooded (including
Primary Effects Primary Effects Social
3 deaths 2000 deaths Recreational activities
3000 people homeless 25m homeless Many jobs have been
4 schools severely 44 schools destroyed created
flooded Factories closed Schools use reservoir
Secondary Effects Secondary effects for educational visits
Children lost out on Children lost out on Two villages have been
education education demolished
Stressrelated illnesses 100 000 people caught
3000 jobs at risk with waterborne
Reduced basmati rice
yields ­ prices rose
Hundreds of species of
birds live around the
Variety of habitats
Ospreys have been
Immediate Responses Immediate Responses Rutland water has to be
People were evacuated Many people didn't managed sustainably.
Reception centres were evacuate from flooded
opened to provide food areas Supply of water from the
and drinks reservoir has to be

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Temporary Blocked transport
accommodation slowed down any
Long term Responses evacuations
Community groups set Distribution of food,
up to provide emotional water and medical aid
support Long term Responses
Flood defence scheme International charities
set up funded the rebuilding of
Some homes have been
rebuilt on stilts, less
likely to be damaged by
future floods…read more


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