Water On The Land

UK Rivers

Dam/Resevour in the UK

River Flooding in a rich part of the world

River Fooding in a poor part of the world

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Examply of a UK River

Name of Place: The River Tees

It starts in the Penines and goes up to the north

It has a High Fource Gourge, and a High Fource Waterfall

The Management of the dam and resevour is ran bythe people aroud the area

The Cross profile of it has flat flood plains

The river has created Luvves which stop the flooding of the flood plains

They also straighten meanders to make to flow faster, but this may corse some problems further down the river as it could flood the land below

overall they use hard strategies

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A Dam/Resevour in the UK

Locations: Kielder water, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Advantages: Stops flooding, and makes it so that you can controle the speed of the water flowing

Water Transfair it mainly through: Pipelines, Tunnels, Rivers and Lorrys

Economic Issues are that Jobs were created by the creation of the dam/resevour, and that it became a hunny pot site for tourisum

Social Issues are that the land of farmers was sold for land to make the resevour and dam, but inthis proces it stoped flooding

Envoronmental issues are that the farms were turned in to lakes and that habitats were destroyed

this is a sustanable way of a water supply and it is cost efective


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River Flooding in a rich part of the world

Name of country: England, UK

places affected were Bostcastle, the River Vallency

Physical causes were that the ground was saturated with water, that it had rained alot on the 26th Aug, and the Bostcastle was at the bottom of a very steep slope

Human causes were that they had concrete and tarmak surfaces, buildings, drains and cutting down trees

Effects of the flood were that the shops were damaged and the drains and roads were also destroyed

Immediate, short turm responses are that people were rescued , helecopters helped rescue and transport, and temporary homes were set up

Long turm impacts were that they needed to rebuild homes snd a flood defence ststom was installed

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River Flooding in a poor country

Name of country: Bangladesh, 2004

places affected were the river Ganges

Physical causes were the land was mainly on flat flood plains and 70% of the land was onkly 1meter above sea leavel

Human causes were that they cut down the trees and they built on land that would flood

immediate, short turm responses were that they had to rescue people, supply food and water

Long turm impacts were that embankments were built and flood warning and dams were built


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