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Rivers Revision
-We will revise the main topic areas
of Water on the Land…read more

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Knowledge Checklist
· Know the processes of erosion
· Know the processes of transportation
· Know how waterfalls and gorges are formed
· Know how meanders and ox-bow lakes are formed
· Know how flood plains and levees are formed
· Know the factors that affect river discharge
· Know the physical and human causes of flooding
· Know a case study of a rich and poor country flood
· Know how hard and soft engineering can be used in flood
· Know how water is used in the UK with areas of surplus and
· Know a case study of a reservoir in the UK…read more

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The River Valley (Long and Across)
· Long Profile
· Cross Profile
· Vertical Erosion
· Lateral Erosion…read more

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Processes of Erosion
· Hydraulic Action
· Abrasion
· Attrition
· Solution…read more

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· Traction
· Saltation
· Suspension
· Solution…read more

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Deposition…read more

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