Flooding - Case Study

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Rich and Poor parts of the world are affected differently by Flooding. 

Flood in a rich part of the world: 

Place: Carlisle, England

Date: 8th January, 2005

River: Eden 


  • Heavy rainfall - 200mm of rain fell in 36 hours. 
  • The continuous rainfall saturated the soil, increasing runoff into the River Eden. 
  • Carlisle is a large urban area - impermeable materials like concrete increased runoff. 
  • This caused the discharge of the River Eden to reach 1520 cumecs (its average discharge is 52 cumecs).

Primary Effects

  • 3 deaths.
  • Around 3000 people were made homeless.
  • 4 schools were severely flooded.
  • 350 businesses were shut down. 
  • 70 000 addresses lost power. 
  • Some roads and bridges were damaged. 
  • Rivers were polluted with rubbish and sewage. 

Secondary Effects

  • Children lost out on education - one school was closed for months. 
  • Stress-related illnesses increased after the floods.
  • Around 3000 jobs were at risk in businesses affected by the foods. 

Immediate Responses

  • People were evacuated from the areas that flooded. 
  • Reception centres were opened around Carlisle to provide food and drinks for evacuees. 
  • Temporary accommodation was set up…


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