Films For Question 2

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2. Quadrophenia

2. Quadrophenia

Date: 1979

Director: Franc Roddam

Institutional details: The Who Films

Key characters:

King of the mods- Sting

Jimmy- Phil Daniels

Setting: London & Brighton 1965

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3. Fish Tank

3. Fish Tank

Date: 2009

Director: Andrea Arnold

Institutional details: Uk Film Council and BBC Films

Key characters:

Mia- Katie Jarvis

Conner- Michael Fassbender

Setting: Urban London, present

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4. Eden Lake

4. Eden Lake

Date: 2008

Director: James Watkins

Institutional details: Rollercoaster films

Key characters:

Steve- Michael Fassbender

Jenny- Kelly Reily

Setting: Eden Lake, English countryside, present

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5. Inbetweeners

5. Inbetweeners

Date: 2008-10

Director: Gordeon Anderson

Institutional details: Bwark Production & E4

Key characters:

Will, Simon, Neil, Jay

Setting: Sub London, middle class area

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6. Youtubers

6. Youtubers

Date: 14th Feb 2005 

Youtubers :

Charlie McDonald- Charlieissocoollike

Alex Day- Nerimon

Benjamian Cook- 9bassmonkeys  

Institutional details:

Steve Chen, Chad Hurley & Jawed Karim

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1. Newpapers

1. Newpapers

Date: March 2012  

Paper: Sun  

Details: After the riots in London


Millbank Tower in central London after yobs smashed windows, fought police and set fire to placards.

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