Media Theories - Audience

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Bulmer and Katz - Uses and Gratifications (ACTIVE

Audiences use media to gratify certian needs

For this, I would use either one of my main moving image products

The two thrillers would gratify the audiences' need for an adrenalline rush

Key Term:

Diversion - using media to escape reality

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David Morley - Reception Theory (ACTIVE AUDIENCE)

The different readings audiences have of media, depending on:

  • Class
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Culture

Different Readings:

  • Prefered/Dominent Reading - The intended reading
  • Negotaited Reading: The audience partly understands meaning but may interpret it slightly differently to the intended reading
  • Oppositional Reading: Understands the intended reading but does not connect personally with it
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The Hypodermic Needle (PASSIVE AUDIENCE)

The idea that the audience recieves media and accepts it without questioning it.

Applying to work:

Print Products:

  • Audiences will see poster and watch the film
  • Audiences will read review and watch the film

AS/A2 Moving image:

  • Audiences will watch film and will gain an adrenaline rush as intended
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Stimulus Response Theory (PASSIVE AUDIENCE)

Very similar to the Hypodermic Needle effect, but the audience bahaviour changes in responce to the media product.

Applying to work:

Print Products:

  • Audience will see poster/review and watch film

AS/A2 Moving image:

  • Audience will watch film, gain adrenaline rush, and may buy additional products in the future (DVD)
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