A2 Media Studies

Media Theories/Theorists

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Narrative Codes:



Barthes (1974)

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3 types of narrative codes tat can be analysed in a text...

  • Action: The text tells a story that the audience can follow.
  • Enigmatic: Allows the audience to interact and ask and answer questions.
  • Symbolic: Identify major themes and ideologies
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Cohens Moral Panic

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A certain ssue is brought to the attention of the public through the interference of the media.

There are three stages to a moral panic...

  • The occurence of a deviant act.
  • Reported across media platforms, print, broadcast and e-media.
  • Interaction from a governing body.
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Del Sola Poole (1997)

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Utopian Society



Gives the audience the opportunity to access new media easily and to have the ability to be an active audience member as well as a passive audience member.

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Saussure (1983)

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3 levels:

  • Syntactic: What a media text denotes, and has one meaning.
  • Representational: What a text represents, different meanings.
  • Symbolic: Hidden symbolic meaning
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Issues of race and legacy effect media representation.

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Auteur theory

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Looks for patterns in films directed by the same director or 'author.'

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Cultural Imperialism

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When one country dominates another countries media consumption.

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Texts have different meanings that aren't obvious.

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Genre Theory

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Patterns can be analysed in certain films

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Used imitation of eastern culture.

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Katie Amey


This is simple but useful as at breaks down the information you need to know and is clear to understand :)

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