A2 Media Studies Question 1B - Representation

Here are my notes on representation for the A2 Media Studies OCR exam. I hope these notes help you with what sort of things you need to write about.

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Question 1B

It is useful to start off with a definition: "The process by which the media represent the 'real' world (Rayner)

- people - social groups; age, gender, social class

- places

- nations

- ideas

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Question 1B

- three main characters are represented as teenagers studying at college, to show how teenagers deal with the apocalypse as well as showing different personalities each takes on.

- because we were using teenagers as a main source of representation in our trailer, we found it useful to reflect on our own experiences and knowledge of our age group to use during the production.

- we thought about the conventions of a film trailer, this included shown the main characters throughout and using a voiceover of which one of the characters did.

- we made the editing quick cut to go with the genre and convention of a film trailer.

- our audience easily identified the genre as well as the hybrid genres relating to it including 'horror' and 'thriller' as well as some knowing the exact genre.

- the audience found the voiceover was useful in explaning what was going on in the mise-en-scene. they also identified a leader of the group as well as showing different personalities through clothing.

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Question 1B

- we showed how the characters looked by using close-ups of each individual and showing them looking in the kitchen and walknig along a green field by using a long shot. this was done by using a video camera and then editing in premiere pro to put together the shots we felt represented them clearly.

- our intention was to clearly show the genre by keeping to the conventions including setting.

Characters - Attack the Block inspired us to develop teenager characters.

- we thought about what typical props and clothing they would wear such as a backpack, food supplies and matches which shows that they have taken the bare essentials.

- used dark colours to dress the characters to depict the setting and feel of the film. as well as to show how wet, cold and uncomfortable.

- the relationships of the three characters are that they are friends, with one being shown as the leader and the nerd, through the v.o. and glasses.

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