Fertility Treatments

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Why use hormones as a fertility treatment?

Levels of FSH too low for eggs to mature. (No eggs released)

How hormones are used?

FSH and LH injected to stimulate egg release in ovaries.


Helps women get pregnant


Doesn't always work. May have to do it many times (Expensive)

Too many eggs stimulated (Unexpected multiple pregnancies)

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IVF (In vitro fertilisation)

What is it?

Involves taking eggs from woman's ovaries and fertilising them in a lab using man's sperm. Then grown into embryos.

Once embryos are tiny cells, transferred into woman's uterus.

FSH and LH given before egg collection. (To stimulate egg production.)


Can give infertile couple a child.


Strong reaction to hormones (Abdominal pain, vomiting, dehydration)

Increased risk of cancer due to hormonal treatment.

Multiple births.

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Egg Donation


Women who cannot produce eggs, can use donated eggs and have IVF to concieve.


Allows woman to have a baby.

Can prevent risk of passing on a genetic disorder from mother.


Can be emotionally difficult for family knowing child has different genetic mother.

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Surrogate Mother

What is it?

If woman cannot carry a child, may ask another woman to carry baby. 


IVF used to produce embryo, embryo implanted in surrogate mother's uterus.

After giving birth, woman gives couple the baby.


Allows a couple to have a child. 


Surrogate mother is legally mother of child until it is adopted by couple.

She has right to keep the baby, so doesn't have to give it to couple.

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