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  • Infertility
    • fertility treatments
      • clomifene
        • fertility drug
        • triggers ovulation by causing an increase on the release of FSH
        • helps follicle mature into an egg cell
        • increases concentration of LH to cause ovulation
      • IVF
        • FHS & LH are given to stimulate the growth of lots of eggs
        • eggs collected before being fertilised in a dish in a lab
        • fertilised using sperm from the father
        • eggs grow into embryos and implanted into woman's uterus
    • Disadvantage of fertility treatments
      • stress
        • can place high levels of emotional and physical stress on patients and families
      • Multiple pregnancies
        • can result in multiple pregnancies if more embryos are implanted
        • can put mother and children at risk
      • expensive
        • not guaranteed to work
        • very expensive
        • success rates aren't high
        • many attempts may be needed


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