Favela Bairro, Rio de Janeiro

Example of urban planning (LIC or NEE)

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Background information

Favella Bairro is a site and service scheme (local authority provides land and services for residents to build their own homes.

  • Example: Complexo de Alemao is a group of favelas in Rio's North zone (with more than 60,000 people) - local authorities here have been responsible for many of the improvements
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  • Paved and formally named roads
  • Access to water and drainage system (improved sanitation)
  • Hills secured and people relocated
  • New health, leisure and education facilities
  • Cable car system (complexo de Alemao)
    • Locals have one free return ticket/day
  • Access to credit - habitants can improve their homes
  • 100% mortgage available for people wanting to buy their home
  • Police patrolling community to help reduce crime (PACIFICATION) - 'UPP'
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Success or Failure?


  • Quality of life, mobility and employment improved (in the favelas)


  • budget of $1 billion not able to cover all other favelas
  • Newly built infrastructured not being maintained
  • Residents dont have skills and resources to make repairs themselves
  • Training needed to improve literacy and employment
  • Rents+ in improved favelas
    • poorer people don't benefit (worse off)
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