Favela-Bairro Project

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  • Rio De Janeiro, redevelopment (Favela- Bairro project) CASE STUDY
    • £500 million spent on improving the living conditions of around 300 favelas
    • Favela-Bairro roughly translates as "Shanty town to neighborhood"
    • the project started in 1995 and has extremely successful
    • it involves 255,000 people
    • Social Improvements
      • daycare centers and after school schemes to look after children while their parents work
      • adult education classes to improve adult literacy
      • services to help people affected by drug and alcohol addiction
    • Economic Improvements
      • residents can now legally own their properties
      • training schemes help people to learn new skills so they can find better jobs and earn more
    • Environmental Improvements
      • replacement of wooden buildings with brick buildings
      • removal of homes on dangerously steep slopes
      • widening and paving of streets so allow easier access (especially for emergency services)
      • provision of basic services such as clean water, electricity and weekly rubbish collection
    • Community Invlolvement
      • residents choose which improvements they want in their own favela
      • the new services are staffed by residents, providing income and helping them to learn new skills




what were the failures of the project



Higher cost of living, possible gentrification 

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