Failure of the disciples

Failure of the disciples

Describe the story :-

  • Jesus tells the disciples that they will all deny knowing him
    • Zechariah “God will kill the shepherd, and the sheep will be scattered”
  • All the disciples deny this
  • Jesus prays in Gethsemane asking for suffering to be taken away from him.
  • He returns three times to find the disciples sleeping after he told them to stay awake.
  • Judas comes to betray Jesus.
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Failure of the disciples

Explain how the problems of discipleship are shown in the failure of the disciples :-

  • Peter- “Even if I have to die for you”. The disciples show they are willing to lay down their life for Jesus- part of discipleship, willing to give life for God.
  • “Yet not what I want, but what you want.” Jesus shows that in life we must do that which God wants, even when we don’t want to, or when it is extremely difficult.
  • “The three disciples asleep” The disciples cannot meet the physical demand for following Jesus by falling asleep.
  • “The three disciples asleep” Just when Jesus needs them the most, the disciples have fallen asleep. They have let him down three times and not supporting him in his prayers and needs.
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Failure of the disciples

Explain how it might help and cause problems for Christians today :-

  • “The sheep will be scattered” Christians are reassured by Jesus’ prophecy, and believe in his resurrection as Christianity spread quickly.
    • Jesus is omnipotent. Proof of identity as Son of God
  • “Will run away” Christians can see that Jesus knows that humans are weak, but even knowing this he calls them to learn from him and is prepared to forgive.
  • “Take this cup of suffering away from me” Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God, but why would God be praying to God? Why would Jesus pray not to suffer? This can confuse the Christians and cause problems.
  • “Are you still sleeping” even the 12 apostles could not handle the demand of being a disciple, so how are Christians today meant to be good disciples.
  • It also shows that it’s not bad if Christians make mistakes because Jesus will forgive them.
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