Jesus' predictions of his Passion


Jesus' predictions of his Passion

Summary :-

Jesus’ prediction of his Passion shows that he was trying to prepare the disciples for what was going to happen to him. To do this, Jesus had to show that he was trying to prepare the disciples for what was going to happen to him. To do this, Jesus had to show them that their idea of the Messiah as a political leader was totally wrong.

Key Quotes :-

  • "The son of man must suffer much and be rejected by the elders" (8.31)
  • "He will be put to death but three days later he will rise" (8.32)
  • "who will make fun of him, spit on him, whip him and kill him" (10.34)
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Jesus' predictions of his Passion

Explain why Jesus’s predictions of his passion may have led to conflict :-

  • Conflict with the disciples because the person they have devoted all their love and attention to was now predicting his death.  The disciples would have been devastated to hear this, and angry that he had to go through this.
  • Conflict between Jesus and Peter, due to the Peter’s attempt to rebuke his Master and the harsh response that Jesus gives. “Get away from me Satan”.
  • After Jesus’ anger at Peter, the disciples are too scared to ask Jesus for clarification and explanation about his Passion as they do not want to be rebuked also.
  • Hearing of Jesus’ predictions of his passion, the disciples may try and stop the Romans from arresting Jesus or intervening in this process so that his Passion couldn’t take place.  If they did this, they would be setting themselves up for conflict both with the Jewish authorities, but also with Jesus.
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Jesus' predictions of his Passion

Explain the significance of these passages for Christians :-

  •  Jesus is with his disciples even though he knows they will fail him once he is arrested. This provides hope for Christians today, as they know they can be forgiven and still welcomed as part of the True Family.
  • The death of Jesus was part of God’s plan, it had to happen for the resurrection to take place and subsequently the forgiveness of original sin. Disciples don’t have to be ashamed.
  •  Suffering is part of a disciples life and Jesus shows he is prepared to suffer, setting the example for all disciples to follow, including Christians today.
  •  In the passage, Jesus reiterates that he is the Son of Man. He deliberately chose this title to emphasise his humanity and the suffering he would undergo. Reminds Christians that Jesus is both God and human and he suffered for the good of mankind.
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Jesus' predictions of his Passion

  • Jesus predicted his death, but also his resurrection. Shows he knew what was coming and also that he knew God would triumph by raising him to life to heal the sins of mankind. Some Christians might wonder why Jesus did not try and change the outcome. Others would say it was part of God’s plan and so it had to be fulfilled
  • In the OT – foretells a Messiah who will be a suffering servant rather than a military hero. When Jesus explains that he will suffer during the Passion, it proves that Jesus was the Messiah who was foretold in the Scriptures.
  • The failure of the disciples to understand can be helpful for Christians today because it provides comfort – if they can fail, so too can we. Other Christians might think it is a difficulty to their faith because if the disciples, who had Jesus around them to ask for clarification, fail to understand why Jesus had to die, then what hope is there for Christians today?
  • Christians can see from these passages that Jesus is omniscient as he can predict his death. For Christians, the only supernatural power is God. The accuracy of Jesus’ predictions supports the Christian belief that he was the Son of God.
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