Marks Gospel Discipleship - Christians Today

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The Call Of The First Disciples -

  • Important for christians because they believe that they too should follow Jesus whole-heartedly and do whatever he wants them to do.
  • They believe that they should be 'fishers of men' and learn and spread the word of God.
  • They should accept everyone as a disciple, like Jesus, no matter who they are or what they have done.
  • What is important is that they want to follow Jesus

Sending Out The Twelve -

  • All Christians are supposed to be disciples, that can be a problem
  • They need to be focused, ready to go wherever God leads, unencumbered by loads of possessions. This can also be a problem

The True Family of Jesus

  • They believe that the Church is God's family, all believers are brothers and sisters.
  • being a true disciple is a member of the Christian family, this can be a problem because there can be a cost, living as a disciple might mean that people become distanced from their own family or friends if they are not christians too. They might have to leave the family as a result

True Greatness

  • Suggests an order of importance, greatness and position (for example, the Pope, archbishops and priests) but these are not supposed to show status or that one person is better than another, they are postitions of service.

The Rich Man

  • this is a problem because it looks like the cost of discipleship is: to keep the ten commandments and to be prepared to give away all your money and everything you own, your rewards for doing this will be a hundred times as much and eternal…




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