factors affecting information quality

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if data is inaccurate then information produced from that data will also be inaccurate

  • questionnaires- poorly worded questionnaires or involve leading questions resulting in biased data, open questions instead of closed questions, not enough answer options to cover possible rabge of answers, smaal population size may not be of any use
  • human error- if data is collected manually, people can make mistakes when recording or reading it, transcription error when entering data into a system
  • calibration of instruments- if instruments aren't calibrated correctly at start of data collection then data colleced can be inaccurate
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in order for information to be useful it must be relevant to the user

  • example-school- when students take notes in lessons they write down what is relevant to their exam. if they are taught something that isn't in the exam then this information is irrelevant
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information needs to be up to date, or else ot can give misleading information about upcoming events

  • example-house prices- when selling a house yopu need to know what it is worth now, it would be no use to you knowing how much it was worth 5 years ago
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in order for information to be useful it needs to be complete, incomplete information is useless

  • example-doctors appointment- when making an appointment, if you're told only time time and not the day and month then you won't know when to come which isn't useful to you
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information needs to be presented in a organised wat if it is uinorganised then it may be hard to read or understand

  • example-business presentation- if you're asked to give a presentation on the location of customers the presentation should be organised to only include this information and not information that isn't needed
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level of detail

if too much detail is included then it can be confusing but if too little detail is given then it will not be informative enough

  • example-recipe- if a recipe tells you, you need flour then it tells you all the brands avaliable then too much information has been given. but if it doesn't tell you the correct type of flour needed then too little information has been given
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