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  • Factors affecting the quality of information
    • Accuracy
      • Lastly for information to be useful the information needs the right amount of detail. 
      • e.g human error. this would cause data not to be accurate
    • Relevance
      • The quality of information is affected by accuracy because if the data is inaccurate then the information produced will inevitably also be inaccurate.  
      • e.g. school. in each particular subject you are taught what is relevant for that subject
    • Age
      • The data also need to be up to date in order to be useful. In order for information to be useful it must be relevant to you. 
      • e.g. Exam. when you do exam questions you use the newest exam question as the old ones are out of date
    • Completness
      • Also in order for the information to be useful it need to be complete e.g. if parts of the information are missing then you will not be able to make use of it or make accurate decisions
      • e.g. Exams. the exams need the whole exam to be complete in  order to be useful
    • Presentation
      • Information need to be presented in an organised way that is easy to understand in order for it to be useful. 
      • e.g. Business data. when presenting data it would need to be presented in a logical way to make it easier to understand


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