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  • INF02
    • What is the use of ICT in technology?
      • Input, Processing, Storage, Transfer and Output of information.
    • What is the IPO?
      • Input is the capturing of data, Processing is the changing of data into information and Output is the information produced.
    • Why do organisations use ICT?
      • To fulfil their goals.
    • What are the components of an ICT system?
      • People, Procedures, Software, Hardware, Information and Data.
    • What is data?
      • Data is raw meaningless facts and figures that haven't been processed.
    • What different forms can data come in?
      • Text, Pictures, Sound, Video, Numbers
    • What factors affect the quality of information?
      • Source, Relevance, Source, Time and Comleteness
    • What factors need to be considered when designing an ICT system?
      • Age, Experience, Disabilities, Task and Environment
    • What does a GUI use?
      • WIMPS
    • What tools can be used to provide assistance?
      • Tutorials, Search options, Help buttons and User guides
    • To work in ICT what characteristics do you need to have?
      • Problem solving skills, willingness to work flexible hours and good communication.
    • What is the definition of the internet?
      • A number of interconnected computers all around the world tat allows the sending and retrieval of information.
    • What is the definition of the WWW?
      • A collection of multimedia resources accessible around the world via the internet.
    • What is the difference between malpractice and crime?
      • Malpractice is when an employee goes against the organisation's code of conduct and a crime is when a person breaks the law using a computer.
    • What can ICT provide?
      • Fast repetitive processing, Storage capacity, improved presentation and security and search facility.


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