Ethnicity and educational achievement

Here are a few in school and out of school explanations for the underachievement of ethnic minorities.

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Curriculum bias

In school factor

Different ethnicities would interpret and understand things differently, so people would have different levels of achievement.

The curriculum is based on one culture or ethnicity.

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Teacher expectations

In school factor

If the teacher expects highly of you, then you are more likely to achieve higher, if expectations are low, then achievement will also be low.

what the teacher wants the pupils to achieve (labelling and self fulfilling prophecy).

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Institutional racism

In school factor

The school would be seen as racist and different ethnicities would achieve different things.

The structure of the school is dominated by one ethnicity or culture.

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Pupil exsclusions

In school factor

Different ethnicites may feel that they are being discriminated against based on who is excluded.

Pupils are asked to leave school for a certain amount of time due to poor behaviour.

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Out of school factor

Ethnic minorities may be made to feel as though they arent good enough in school, therefore they would feel that their education has suffered as a result.

Discrimination towards a different race or ethnicity.

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Home factors & parental interest

Out of school factor

If a childs parents have an interest in their education then they are more likely to achieve well. if there is a difficult situation at home they may underachieve.

Things that happen at home and how much parents are involved in their childs education.

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Language factors

Out of school factor

Different languages can cause communication barriers. elaborated and restricted codes. If english isnt a first language, then pupils would find it hard to communicate with teachers and understand text books, therefore their achievements will change.

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Social class & material factors

Out of school factor

If you are middle class then you have access to more resources, whereas if you are working class then access to resources are limited.

Your status within society and what you have access to.

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