Ethnic Differences in Achievement (External Factors)

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  • Ethnic Differences in Achievement (External Factors)
    • Cultural Deprivation
      • Cultural deprivation= inadequate socialisation into the knowledge & culture of the m/c education system
      • Evidence
      • Criticisms
        • Ethnic pupils underachieve because schools are ethnocentric (focus only on white British culture as superior) & devalues ethnic cultures. Result: lowers self-esteem of ethnic pupils
        • Victim-blaming i.e. ethnic pupils aren't culturally deprived but culturally different
        • Black pupils don't underachieve due to lack of self-esteem & weaker culture. Instead, ethnic underachievement is caused by racism.
        • Material deprivation- low income, inadequate housing & poor diet is the main cause of ethnic underachievement
        • Compensatory education
          • 2 Alternative policies to solve cultural deprivation
            • Multi-cultural education- recognises & values ethnic minority cultures via inclusion in the curriculum
            • Untitled
    • Material Deprivation
      • Material deprivation=
      • Evidence
    • Racism in wider society


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