Ethics :War,Peace, Justice and Equality Bible Quotes

The revision cards are just some of the bible quotes needed to reach them top marks in part E questions. 

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Pacifism / Capital Punishment

"All those who draw the sword must die by the sword "

Matthew 26:52

This is suggesting that if you are going to take part in a crime or at war you will die by the sword. This is often used by pacifists to show why we should not use violence under any circumstances. 

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"Not seven times but seventy seven times "

Matthew 18:22

This quote is suggesting that you should forgive someone not seven times but seventy times for what they have done to you. 

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Prejudice / Discrimination/ Equality

"Do not judge or you too will be judged" 

Matthew 7:1-2 

This often can be used with prejudice/ social injustice and discrimination. It is said that judgement belongs to God. It is also to show that we should not be judged as we are all equal unless you want to be judged by God.

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"Love one another because love comes from God"

1 John 4:7

This quote would support a pacifists point of view as an christians ultimate goal is to achieve peace, and as love comes from God himself we should follow in his footsteps so to speak. 

This would also support equality as in the lords eyes we are all said to be equal. 

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I will punish as your deed deserved, declared the lord

Jeremiah 21:14

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God made humans in his own image 

Genesis 1 :26-27

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You should be kind to everyone 

Leviticus 19:33-34

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Equality, Peace

Do to others what you would have them do to you 

Matthew 7:12

This quote suppports equality and peace. 

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Equality Peace

"Love your neighbour as yourself"

Matthew 22:39

This quote suppports equality and peace as by loving your neighbour as yourself you would not harm them in any way. 

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"All one in chris"

Galations 3:28

This quote supports equality as we are all said to be all the same in Gods eyes and judgement belongs to him. 

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Punishment, war

"Whoever kills a man must be put to death"

Leviticus 24:21 

This quote supports capital punishement and crime punishment. It supports this as "an eye for an eye" encourages to give as good as you get. 

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"The Lords Prayer"

Matthew 6:9b - 13 

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