Christianity: War, Equality and Predjudice and the Environment. GCSE

Revision summary of the GCSE christianity world religions OCR GCSE. Including case studies, quotes and important facts. Including: War, Equality and Predjudice and the Environment.

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R.E ­ Christianity
War, Peace and Human Rights
Holy War

Holy Wars are wars that are fought on behalf of God.
Holy Wars were fought to protect God's people or sacred land.
God commands `[I will] punish the people of Amalek because their ancestors opposed the
Israelites ... Now go…

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Jesus rejected the idea of revenge.


Quakers are a denomination who strongly feel pacifism is the only option.
Jesus was against war and revenge. `Love thy enemy'.
Christian pacifists argue that:
1) War is a waste of resources given by God.
2) War is a case of immense suffering,…

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There is a law in the UK that allows Christian churches to take people in who are wanted by
the government or police and give them sanctuary. They are only allowed to do this if they
believe that the person/s are being wronged by the state authorities.
Most Christians will…

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God and Jesus are both referred to men many believe that men are closer to God than
In the year 584 in the Church of Macon in France there was a vote that voted women were
human before that were considered to not have souls.
Many believe that women…

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Responsibility for the Planet
Origins of the world and life
Christians believe in the creation story and that God created the world and all things in it.
Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may
rule over the fish…


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